Toon Explainers is the avant-garde for 2D/3D Animation and Visual Effects Studio and Production House in India. We offer a bouquet of User-friendly services, with a motive of moving clients to the current trends; that has been a benchmark of Toon Explainers ever since we started. We develop content and create futuristic visual imagery for full-length feature animated films, high-quality visual effects for live action and hybrid films, short-form media and special venue attractions.

We are expertise in Artwork/Illustration, 2D/3D Character Animation, Photorealistic Visualization with special Visual Effects, turning imagery ideas into virtual reality.

We collaboratively work with international studios and independent production houses all over the world. We develop stories and visuals, including complete CG and stereoscopic animation and image creation. If you’re in the way of creating idea/content/script/story under one roof, you are in the right place. Welcome to Toon Explainers, the world of Visuals.

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Rank Better in Search Engine


Professionally sketched Explainer Video has all good reasons to rank higher in search engines when compared to the plain text. It increases web traffic, reduces bounce rates and instant user action.


EducatingYour customers get in and out a detail of your product or service through an explainer video. A video gives a 360-degree approach to any product that is exhibited to the customer.

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Information Retention


Anything associated with visuals stay long in memories. For that matter, your audience can remember your brand and that can pitch your sales in no time.

Increase Sales

Increase-SalesConvincing and promising videos satisfy the visitors to the maximum and that converts the visitors into customers.

Grab Audience Attention


Videos can be self-explanatory; they can convince anyone on why they should purchase the product. If the videos are creative enough, the idea of the product grabs the right audience’s attention.

Increase Conversion Rate


If the videos are more engaging and entertaining, that makes the audience feel related to both the content and the product. There happens the conversion.

Our Process


Inputs form Client

  • Nothing goes perfect without a prior discussion, and we stick to it with no backup plans. We sit together with the client, introspect their requirements and the idea behind the business; we never hesitate to object any of the client’s idea if they don’t work out as expected, instead we offer them best other solutions, and then we proceed.


  • We perform substantial research on whatever topic the video is about. The exact details and information of the product will be thoroughly analyzed and then we start producing the creative, which makes us stand out from our adversaries.


  • This is the ignition process, where our team works directly with you to create an exclusive video for your company that is carved as per your niche. At Toon Explainers, we offer the best services to meet the appropriate demands of the client.


  • Our voice-over artists hold much demand in the industry and are more professional in their career, with much talent. The dynamic voice for your videos enhances the productivity and the output for better results.

Visual and Storyboarding

  • Videos are all about the visuals and the content. Once the script content is finalized, we start developing the looks and styles of your video. We will begin with a complete storyboard which helps you understand the concept behind it, and also deliver the blueprint for how it will be developed.


  • Once the scripting and image visualization has been done, the life of real animation begins with illustration, which is nothing but a short, still image like a sketch. Based on the client’s concept and expectations, illustrations find their way either artistically or technically to make the video look good and feel good.

Animation Production

  • Executing ideas is the vital part of any creative product. Our passionate team will dive into your project and you can see your ideas turn into a unique video, which will fascinate your audience.

Client Feedback

  • Once the videos are done, it will be placed for the client’s approval both for appreciations and critics. Only when the client looks at the final output, the whole process will be understood clearly and give more inputs for betterment.

Go Live

  • Once your video gets approved and scores 100%, it’s ready to go live online. Not just that, we will also help you integrate your video into your site and marketing materials
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What Clients Say?

  • We thank you for completing the project as per the plan. It has reached the audience as expected…

  • Hello, great work. I like it a lot. This is great. I *love* it 😀 Wow!!! This is amazing work everyone. I am really impressed. Thank you – this is excellent.

    Happy Snap
    Ms.Patricia Hiscock
  • We like the video. The look and the feel of the video are good. Really thanks to your team for giving the video on time since we were able to upload right on schedule.

    Zycus-Quick Source
    Ms.Priyanshu Borah
  • We really enjoyed the process and communication with the staff at Toon Explainers. So far we had twenty, yes 20 videos, that were developed with this agency. The messages were clear and the visuals were stunning. They are an extension of our video production team. We will definitely use them again.

    Az associates Themes
    Owner, Az associate.com
  • Thank you so much. We all liked the video animation. Very appreciable. Looking forward for more support.

    WiSoft Solutions
    Mr.Indranil Maitra
  • I reviewed the video, great job guys! All the effects sounds great. Great job, Thanks to you and your team for the amazing coordination.

    Mr. Rashed
  • The video is great! The video is perfect. It looks like we are able to close this out. Thank you, this is perfect. It was a pleasure working with all of you!

    Ms.Ezana Berhane
  • Nice work! We like the video overall. We are very happy with the video, good work!

    Dinzy Labs-Pocket Play
    Ms.Natie Smith
  • Video came out is really great, I thank you and your team for your support & hard work.

    Mr.Sagar Brude
  • The team was extremely professional and delivered the final video on time. We are very happy with the result and have got a positive feedback from everyone who saw the video. Thanks Team Toon Explainers!

    Mr.Rohit Nitin Joshi
  • Hi Team, We have received positive feedback from the customers on the video! Good job so far!

    Mr.Sathish Ganesh
  • Hi, Overall its good. We got our first video done by Toon Explainers. It was a pleasant experience working with team. Good energy, prompt and very professional.

    Ms.Aswani Chaitanya
  • The video looks great! absolutely love it. You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did amazing work! I look forward to working with you guys again in the future.

    Full Nelson
    Mr.Matt Griffith
  • The video has come out well. Special shout out to the team for creating a kickass video. The client was extremely pleased. Good Job guys!

    Mr.Shakthi Ramachandran
  • Thank you very much. It has come out very well. I have down loaded it.Thank you again

    Unity Consultants
    Ms.Anagha Pathak
  • I’m quite happy with the video, thank you all very much. It was a pleasure working with you. Until next time then. Best wishes to the whole team.

    Ms.Manisha Vinod
  • I am happy with the outcome. Thanks for making the video, you guys made it happen.

    Ms.Patricio Richardson
  • Great work! We are impressed. Look good ! I know we had some ups and down but the end result came out really well. I appreciate you and your team’s work on this. Kudos to you guys!

    Mr.Ganesh Shankar
  • The video came out amazing! We are so happy with it! It came out perfect and even was back at the original 90 seconds we wanted. Great job!

  • The video is fine. This is really good to view.We like it.

    Mr.Lajeesh Kaliarambil
  • thank you so much to each and every team member in the project. It overall looks good. Thank you so much for your great effort and work.

    Ms.Pooja Kumari
  • Good stuff! What can I say, the video is perfect :)Thanks for an overall good experience.

    Mr.Arvind Monie
  • All screens are good. Good Job! Great Work! We watched the video again and again. We like the video.

    Mr.Suraj Supekar
  • Fantastic! You really did a great job! Many thanks – as I said you did a great job! We like the video.

  • Thanks. I appreciate the professional work done on the video. It has been a smooth experience. Thanks and our team is happy with the output. Thanks for sharing the video. I had a quick look at it, and feel that it has come out well.

  • Thanks so much for taking the time to help with our animated video for the project. The video has shaped up really good . All I can say is wow!

    Retail Refreshed
    Mr.Rajkumar Shanmugam
  • We are happy with all the video that were done for us by your team. Thank you much. Thanks for a job well done. And thanks to everyone else who worked on our projects. Excellent work!!!
    The creative team came up with good ideas and executed the plans we shared with them. Thanks for a job well done. We will not only recommend you to our friends and associates but also send additional projects to you all in the near future. Thanks

    Mr.Ahmed Dharani
  • Thank you everyone who helped with this project and made this video, it has been great working with you all. My team and the creative director have just taken a look at the video and they think it is fantastic, they like the feel and the flow of the video. We appreciate your effort in Surge Calls Project. We like the video. We think the video looks amazing and we are happy with this. If anyone asks us for a recommendation for video creation we will recommend you guys.

    Surge Calls
    Mr.Edward Ly
  • You’ve been working late, and we appreciate it! Andy and I can’t get over how good this is. We’re really pleased with the way everything looks and moves, and all the neat little details you’ve put in. There is a LOT going on, of course, and most of our viewers won’t notice it all (which you did tell us). But when we watch it again and again on slo-mo we keep spotting new things. Delightful. Sounds brilliant to me. Can’t hear the join! It’s AWESOME! Very nice indeed. We’re really pleased! Once again – thank you to everyone in your team for a brilliant job! GREAT JOB!

    Thanks for your hard work on this project, we will be sure to recommend you 🙂

    We absolutely love the animation that Toon Explainers produced for us. Their knowledge of their medium is excellent, and all the little details and flourishes they put in really help. We worked closely together throughout the process, and they were always very happy to listen to our ideas and build on them. We would definitely use Toon Explainers again.

    Mr. Simon Lewis & Mr. Andrew Nowell

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