Viral Videos

About This Service

As a social media crawler, all of us would have come across the term viral video. A viral video induces to get multiplied in number which takes your product or service to multiple audience and visible to all. If the content is original and lesser than a minute, the video becomes more viral. The video should explain about an event, information, offers or discounts that we offer which leads to the success of the business.

What makes the content go viral?

Well, that’s sometimes unpredictable but can boost your content to go viral in several ways. If the intensity of feeling is greater in content, it evokes an emotional response to make it shareable. Nearly 18% of internet users share videos at least once a week and almost 9% share daily. Most of the sharing activities happen on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It all depends on when we post it, the response on the launch day, performance of the video in the first two days and everything else.

Creative script, Good storyboard, graphics, soundtrack, video visibility, proper coordination everything put together results in an audacious video which makes the video viral. We, at Toon Explainers, make it possible for all your needs here to extend your kingdom.