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1.Toon Explainers follows the following process for the Animated Video Production:

  •  Research
  •  Script
  •  Voice Over
  •  Visualization
  •  Story Board
  •  Character design
  •  Animation Production
  •  Finalizing and go live

2. Two Revisions are allowed at the Script, visualization, Story Board and Voice over stages.Additionally, and 2 levels of correction can be made after the complete development of the video.

3. There can be no alterations in a particular stage once it is approved by the client and once the next stage is initiated.For eg: If Once if the script is approved and the storyboard stage is initiated, there can be no alterations in the script.

However, alterations in the Script  will be allowed,once subject to payment of an additional fee as specified in ANNEXURE A
4. At the voiceover stage, different samples of voiceover from experts will be provided to the client to choose from. Voiceover samples contain different accents and modulations from voiceover artists, from which the client can be select one according to the style of the video.

There can be no change in the script once the voice over is recorded.

However, revisions in the voiceover will be allowed, once subject to payment of an additional fee as specified in ANNEXURE A

Finally, the Animated Video is developed according to the approved Storyboard and at this stage the changes are minimal.
However, changes at this stage shall be allowed only with respect to the following:

  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation errors
  • Animations that departs substantially from the animation guidance in the approved story board
  • Timing issues where the on screen movement does not match the voice over
  • Sound problems such as volumes, sound effect, placement or timing of either

Any other occasional default solely subject to the discretion of the Party of the First Part

  1. However, any change other than the changes mentioned above like changes requested in the animation stage with respect to color, theme, posses, angles, zooming, camera view, motions can be done subject to payment of an additional fee as specified in ANNEXURE A .
  2. All background music used in the video shall be stock audio (single track) with normal license. For form of customised music,additional charges will be claimed as applicable.
  3. The After Effects Source Files can be delivered to the Client subject to payment of an additional fee as specified in ANNEXURE A

Annexure (A)

1. Cost: Based on the Package

2. Schedule of Payment : 50% Advance and 50% after the completion of the project

3. Refund : Depending upon the stage of the process

4. Additional Charges: Depending on the man hours required for the additional work after the allocated number of revisions are lapsed.

5. Additional Fee applicable for Source File