Explainer video company


It is common nowadays to hear the word ‘viral’ in this internet era. As the name viral denotes it as a thing which induces to multiply in number and “Viral Video” involves the spreading of information about your products or services to make it visible to all.


The content should be unique and original make a clear view to your audience through videos of less than a minute to grab an immediate attention. Try to place the relevant Meta data’s to the videos. It should be crystal clear to the audience about what sort of content either happiness, offers or discounts we provide them through the videos and there lies the success of our business to go viral.


What makes a content to go Viral? It is the toughest question to answer since we can’t judge which concept would go viral and which would be pitching back. And it is a dream for every marketer to have a viral video. Some videos initially catch fire and later on it becomes faded away. If the intensity of feeling is greater in content, it evokes more likely people to share it.


People share your video for some social motivation, to create an emotional response which drives the sharing ability. Try to evoke multiple positive responses to make sure that the content resonates—again, the more intense the reaction, the better. Nearly 18% of internet users share videos at least once a week—and almost 9% share daily. These were the ratios of regular sharers. There are super shares, which are responsible for more than four-fifths of total shares. Most of the sharing activities happen on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Timing does also count in making a when video. When do we post it? What is the response on Launch day? How was the videos performance for the first 2 days ? all these things matters a lot.


Initially for all kinds of business videos, they need some push to go viral. A good story board, graphics, soundtrack, video visibility, uniqueness, and initial sharing can become other reasons for their immense and immediate popularity. Mainly the content should be more relevant, entertaining and engaging. Making a video is not definitely a very big thing, but it a bundle of the package with small possible things which makes it look bigger than we imagine. The creative script, Proper coordination, Hard work, Execution in the proper ratio makes a professional video production company. And here comes our company Toon Explainers, a professional concern of making an animated business video to help the customers to make their business go viral on the web. We make it possible all your needs here to extend your empire.