Out of every 100 people that watch your videos 65 are visual learners. Animation Infographic Videos have 30 times the possibility of being read than texts. Visual learners need graphical representations or Infographics. Can you imagine the efforts a viewer had to put in if you gave 1.5 billion content pieces, 140 million tweets and 2 million videos generated in a day to see? However if you’ve filtered all that massive information and presented it as Infographics, viewers would definitely grasp and retain the information quickly. There are three simple steps that Toon Explainers brings in to play while funnelling information and creating Infographic Videos. The first step involves assimilating all the data, thereafter which the data is organized and segregated as per relevance and contextual effectiveness. The final step involves breaking up and visual designing of the data into blocks of information which learners can digest easily. Clarity and right interpretation of data are two important aspects that have to be considered while designing Animated Infographic Videos for any business.

At Toon Explainers, simplifying the right amount and content of information pervades the entire process from filtering to graphically representing information. We make sure that your Infographic Videos are: Distinctive: Standing out of the rest is vital to sustain any business. Hence that is why we ensure that yours has a unique and distinct look and feel to it. There are no templates or readymade schematic tailoring we use to design them. We know how much you trust us and we know the difference it can make to your business, that’s why we customize each one of them, time is of essence, however as a business you need a competitive edge and viewer interaction and that’s what we want for you, “The Edge”. To The Point: Simplicity cannot be neglected in any aspect while creating Infographics. Toon Explainers simplifies complex information and brings in a unique sense of viewer appeal to it. There is balance we maintain between statistics, figures and text so that it doesn’t look too numerical or too much information to take in.

The Wow factor: Toon Explainers knows how important it is for viewers to be wowed. We use our exceptional creativity and appropriate images so that the Infographics Video is just emphatic enough so that viewers love watching it. We cover all criteria that need to be fulfilled in entirety before the video can be delivered to you. So, if you are looking for a company who can partner and create animated infographics that will impact viewers then all you need to do is just simply fill in the details below and we’ll create one, that you will leave you feeling Wowed!