explainer video company


Growing business complexities, popular trends and new marketing tools are shaping out thought processes and paving the way for how we can take our businesses to the next level using simple but effective explanations. Media options through Explainer video company offer a self-explanatory medium which simply transforms words. Time for a quick fact: Average human attention span (7 secs) < Attention span of gold fish (9 secs). Explainer videos showcase businesses and surprise viewers with a new experience!

“…so few interactive marketers focus on video optimization that most of the videos in Google’s index aren’t very well optimized – so if you optimize your videos well, your chances of success will increase even further.” – forrester.com

The objective of these small power-packed animated explainer videos is a specific one. One aimed at providing viewers an understanding of the business. The impact created by using understandable words combined with entertaining and effective powerful visual is absolutely phenomenal. These video formats almost perfectly present a marketing solution that combines business ideologies, products and services that explain as well as engages viewers. Resulting in creating a motivating, powerful and definitive video that tells and sells your business story while simultaneously exploits the brain science behind the video ensuring your message is delivered and retained.

Read a PDF or watch a short video first about the business?

Naturally watch the video, if you’re smart. Let us tell you something, we’ve done our homework and we pretty know what we’re talking about here. The logic behind using an explainer video has a greater impact on any viewer and the short 7 second attention span changes almost exponentially through animated videos. Our expertise lies in the fact that we’ve understood the scientology, psychology and the marketology that drives every business towards success. The hours and time spent on researching and developing a video that suits your business the best is not based on any assumption but multiple marketability factors. Check out more on the tangible benefits of going for a custom-made, animated Explainer Videos for your business here

How do we create an Explainer Video for you?

At Toon Explainers, we produce all of our animation explainer videos making use of a proven 6-phase process,, starting from the Research and Script followed by Voiceover, development of Storyboard and Animation Production through to the final delivery. All you need to do is simply let us know and we will take care of the rest. Please do fill the contact details requested below and you will hear from us within 1 business day and we will discuss what you need so that we can create an explainer video…ONLY FOR YOU!