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1. Research

To create an explainer video that is as effective as possible, we perform extensive research on the topic as well as market research. We take this first step very seriously; many video explainer companies skip the research step.

2. Script

This is when things start to get fun. We work directly with you to create a video that is individual to your company and captures your spirit and attitude perfectly. At Toon Explainers, we can create a dynamic script and concept for your video that will help your company to stand out.

3. Voiceover

To deliver your message effectively, you need to give all of your information in multiple formats. Having a professional voiceover artist gives you an edge in engaging your audience. We work only with the very best professional voiceover artists, with years of experience and incredible talent. The wrong voiceover can literally make your audience shut off the video instantly, don’t lose your audience.

4. Storyboard and Character Designs

Once the research is done, and the script written; we can start developing the look and style of your video. We will draw up a complete storyboard that will help you understand our vision and concept for your video, as well as giving us the blueprint for how it will develop..

5. Animation Production

It takes more than a good idea to create a great explainer video; you have to shine in executing those ideas. Our passionate and talented production staff will dive into your project with same drive they would attack the large scale studio projects they built theirexperience on. See your ideas come to life in a dynamic and unique video that will build you audience like no other marketing tool.

6. Finalizing and Go Live

Once we complete sound, editing and production on your explainer, promo or whiteboard video; we will deliver the final product to you, for final approval. Once you fall in love with your new marketing tool, we will help you integrate your video into your site and marketing material.

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