Women election

Elections are the best time show our strength, appreciate, raise our voice anger, resentment and agreements with any ruling government of the country. Every single vote matters to shape the future India. The People expect the change over bad things, some essential features coming into for the development of people. Somebody to keep up their promise and work for the welfare of our nation. Youth plays more significant role in election and according to a survey from the last general election more than 50 percent of voting population is youngsters . Their importance in shaping India’s future can no longer be ignored.

Successful elections are absolutely impossible without the active participation of women. Nearly half of the voting populations are women. They play a major role in the society. Women’s got their voting right in 1930 and since from that day their journey starts. Elections give them the freedom to think, what is going on in the outside world. Apart from elections women have active participation in leading the constitution, powerful leaders in the parties ,party spoke person, electoral candidate, excellent organizer, party workers, electoral observers, game changers and etc., Elections are the best opportunity to bring forth their issues like ensuring security, address social injustice and find a way for the solutions.

We, at Toon Explainers, created an animated explainer video that emphasizes the need for women’s in elections. It is true that the women have an emphatic role in elections to whom they want to vote , so they can get some solutions for the issues they are facing. The tech savvy, information hungry young people want to fight for their rights and make informed decisions. And election is the right time to take the step towards building a modern, secular and progressive India. In our explainer video, we emphasize the need for women to vote and make aware many of them their duties in deciding the future of the country. According to India’s National Poet Rabindranath Tagore

” Woman is the builder and molder of a nation’s destiny,

though delicate and soft as lily, she has a heart,

stronger and bolder than that of man,

she is the supreme inspiration of man’s onward march”

Women’s, they may be physically weak but their heart is as strong as Himalayas. Women’s definitely not a weaker sex, their participation in voting is greatly increased nowadays and they significantly results in their status upgrade, gives knowledge about outside world. If any of their needs are not satisfied, they can raise their voice with the help of voting .No one can ignore the power of women.