toon explainers

An age old saying goes like “A picture speaks a thousand words”, now imagine how many words would a moving frame of pictures speak. Jabeer Khan and Gandhi Mathi are practicing this saying in their startup Toon Explainers where they create Explainer, Promo, Web, Startup, Product, Business, Sales, Marketing & Whiteboard Animation Videos. Toon Explainers was founded in 2014 in Coimbatore.

Jabeer is the Founder and CEO of Toon Explainers. Jabeer has great passion towards building something new, this passion was a force towards the building up of Toon Explainers. He has 10 years of experience in animated video production. Jabeer is also an orator and his favourite subjects are Entrepreneurship and Brain Science. Mathi is the Co-founder and COO and she has always been passionate about providing clients with exceptional service and a product they can be proud of. She has 8 years of experience in Marketing and client handling. She is a tankful of ideas and wisdom and reads more books in week than most folks would in a year! Along with Jabeer and Mathi, the team is made up of industry-leading writers, animators and directors with years of experience in developing explainer videos.


No matter how complicated or involved the message that need to be deliver is, they turn it into a powerful marketing tool. The startup boasts of working with some very influential companies in the world to create videos for their audiences. Their clients include the likes of L&t, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Amazon,, Ebay, Ultratech Cement among others. The startup also got a national level award for the video they created on the “role of youth and women in Election”. The startup is a master in creating a wide variety of videos, ranging from Promotional, Animated Doodle, Startup Videos, Product Videos, Stop Motion Animation and Explainer videos to Infrographic , Animation , Typography to Animated Ad Videos and more!


Talking to about their strengths, Jabeer says:


“We work directly with you to develop a concept and script, every step of the way you will be involved. We know how passionate you are about your business, and we are passionate about it as well; which is why we treat every single project as the most important one we have ever tackled. You can be sure that your video will be unique and customized to your needs- your business isn’t cookie cutter, so your marketing should be either.”


The startup has three pricing plans available – Standard , Professional and Premium. Each of these has a 60 sec video duration, with the Premium Toon option being the most advanced with 2.5 D animation. The team has produced more than 250 videos, helping startups and full scale companies save 75% of their advertising expenses through their explainer videos. Do visit the website to see more knowstartup