50 Fastest Growing Indian Companies

In The Silicon India Magazine’s December 2014 Issue, We TOON EXPLAINERS listed in one of the 50 fastest growing companies in 2014. We are feeling more privileged to be featured in the magazine. As a startup concern it is amazing to get recognized and we are excited & thrilled. Hitting the raising bar all the time is being our challenge, Working hard to beat the standards everytime what we set for our business is the driving force and the reason for our constant improvement. The endorsement by the Silicon India Magazine is another validation that we are set out on the right path.

The path up to now where we reached and the way we are proceeding to reach our goal haven’t been possible without these two pillars: Our Clients & Our Employers. We take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped out in our toughest time.


Our estimate clients have helped us in gaining the experience to grow creatively and professionally, without them our feats won’t be possible. They make our leaps and achievements a reality. We are thankful to those people who believe in us and our work.


The core strength of Toon Explainers has been our team and this recognition is another testament to the hard work they put in all year round. From a two people team in 2013 to a whopping 30+ experts now, we have come a long way and we know we still have a long way to go.
Where a Inner Force(Team Work)=External Force(Client Satisfaction),definitely there is no doubt of success.

The essence of Toon Explainers

Videos speak a lot in the marketing industry. In this fast moving era everybody needs everything to be quick & fast. It is a toughest job to tell a whole story in a minute or two, but we do it. Everybody feels bored to read pages and pages of content to know the information what they need, that brings a trend for video storytelling about their brands and drives the target audience to their business. The videos makes them engaging and know what they need in a very simple and easy manner, without spending lots of their valuable time. To create such videos, companies need expert video makers. We recognized a pool of opportunity here and pushed ourselves to assist companies in creating explainer videos that can do wonders for their business.
What we do?

Conversions and lead generation plays a major role in today’s market. Grabbing people attention, hooking new customers and bringing in business is the biggest challenge. Content and a proper delivery channel to reach our target audience is the important aspect to make our development graph high. That’s why explainer videos that usually takes a less formal approach where the audience can easily relate to the content shines. At Toon Explainers, we create emotional engagement videos that explain about your product or service.


Not to toot our own horns but we do have a team of experts who come together to create a master-piece for our clients every single time. We make videos but a whole lot of processing goes before it. We create videos that have been customized in all contexts that the audience can relate to. We understand the rhythm of the industry which is why create videos that offer information, explains about your business and answer queries rather than just muse over the entertainment quotient.


Working with diverse brands across the globe like Microsoft SkyDrive, EBay, LinkedIn, amazon.com has added to our experience and definitely helped in our growth as an organization. With more than 200 videos to our credit, we have secured a place for ourselves among the giants. We create videos that evoke emotion. We create stories the audience want to hear.
What we look forward to?

We have a well-structured working process and our experts have fit into their roles effortlessly, whether it is scripting, voiceovers, editing or animation. We know that we can fine-tune our work to suit your business requirements and make tailor-made explainer videos that can be an asset to your business..


We are happy and keyed up, looking forward for great years of business succeeding in the dairy of Toon Explainers and our travel to our milestone. This recognition has come at a right time, make us to feel more happy as well as ping us to move a head to reach our goal. Appreciation makes us move to another step higher in the ladder and reminds us to reach the sky.