toon explainers

Reading pages of texts can be rather boring. People do not have time or patience to read about your story unless you deliver it with a flair. Businesses, today, understand that to put forward ideas and information about their company, they need to use an innovative approach that captures the audience in the shortest duration possible. That’s how explainer videos were born!

Toon Explainers, a Coimbatore based creates explainer videos for web and mobile applications as well as businesses. They integrate animation into your explainer videos to explain a concept, offer a demo about your product or service or give information about your brand. The video production company converts complex business ideas into simple stories that are easily relatable. Toon Explainers use the power of storytelling with a combination of visual media to bring your company closer to the audience.


Founded in 2013 by Jabeer Khan (CEO) and Gandhi Mathi (COO), the startup had to compete to find a place for themselves among the stalwarts of the explainer video industry. A loan from Bank of India through Tamil Nadu Government supported NEEDS Scheme (The New Entrepreneurship – Cum – Enterprise Development Scheme) helped in making their dream a reality. With an emphasis of creativity and infotaining storytelling, the company has progressed phenomenally from being a two membered team to a whopping team of 23 people to create engaging and informative videos that captivate the attention of audience. The team understands what their clients need and they take care of everything, from script writing to animations and voiceovers to music, to create exceptional videos for businesses. The company boasts of telling stories that audience want to hear. Their videos have the potential to become an asset to your business.
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