National Level Award Winner – Election Commission India | Role of Youth in Elections

17 Dec, 2015

Nullam turpis Cras dapibus

‘Role of Youth in Elections’ is the theme for the national level online competition conducted early this year by Voters Festival. It is celebrated all through the year,2015 to create awareness, educate people the importance of voting. The event was conducted by The Election Commission Of India and has announced the winners for the online contests .We, The TOON EXPLAINERS were announced as the winners under video category and we are very proud to receive the national level award through this prestigious competition.


Elections are the best time show our strength, appreciate, raise our voice anger, resentment and agreements with any ruling government of the country. Every single vote matters to shape the future India. The People expect the change over bad things, some essential features coming into for the development of people. Somebody to keep up their promise and work for the welfare of our nation. People needs a trustworthy and loyal team, who can help them in their development and comfort living. If their satisfactory level fails then definitely they will face a step down. This is why elections hold a colossal importance in a big democracy like us.


Youth plays more significant role in election and according to a survey from the last general election more than 50 percent of voting population is youngsters . Their importance in shaping India’s future can no longer be ignored. This is also why the topic of contest chosen by the Election Commission of India – ‘Role of Youth in Elections’ seems fitting.


We, at Toon Explainers, created an animated explainer video that emphasizes the role of young Indians in the elections of the biggest democracy in the world. It is true that the youth have an emphatic role in building the future of our country and in deciding who will lead the country. They are crucial for success of any political party in India.


Social Media plays an significant role in Young India. They can get their data and information in just one click from their mobile. Since the majority of voting population are youngsters and there are millions of mobile internet users, the social medias which are much more vocal really decide who will lead the world's biggest democracy. Political parties understand their role too. Lot of parties starts their protesting in social media group to make aware of the youngsters about their do's and don'ts to secure votes. The Internet has paved way for strong discussions and arguments on what our country needs.


The tech savvy, information hungry young people want to fight for their rights and make informed decisions. And election is the right time to take the step towards building a modern, secular and progressive India. In our explainer video, we emphasize the role of youth and their larger role in deciding the future of the country. We also talk about why as a young Indian, it is your duty to vote. You can head to the election commission website to view the list of winners.

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