Explainer Videos

About This Service

Simple but effective explanations may elevate the business to the next level along with its popular trends and business complexities. An average human pays attention keenly for 7 seconds which is lesser than that of a golden fish (9 seconds). Video can skip that fact and make the viewer pay more attention through creative visual presentation.  Media options through Explainer video company offer a self-explanatory medium which simply transforms words into action.


“….. So few interactive marketers focus on video optimization that most of the videos in Google’s index aren’t very well optimized- so if you optimize your vides well, your chances of success will increase even further.”- forrester.com


The objective of these animated explainer videos is a specific one, which is nothing but making the viewers understand the business. Understandable words combined with entertaining and powerful visual creates a phenomenal impact. These videos offer a solution which combines business ideologies, products and services that is explanatory. A motivating video will tell stories of your business, makes it heard and motivates the viewer to get engaged with the business.


Would you watch a short video about a business or opt for reading a PDF about it?


The answer is obvious, watching the video. The logic of explanatory video has a greater impact on any viewer for the short 7-second attention span and that too changes exponentially. We have understood the psychology and the marketology that drives every business towards success factor. Our research is never based on assumptions but multiple marketability factors. Check out more on the tangible benefits of going for tailored, animated explainer videos for your business here.