Let’s get this out of the way first, every single company or individual has wanted one (or more) of to their videos to go viral. To achieve that they may have tried to hire ad companies or even an animation creator to make their own marketing video, which in simpler terms can be called as ads.

But not all videos go viral, in fact most videos barely scratch minimum traction. It is only a select few which achieve the feat. We at Toon Explainers have the perfect recipe to make it happen, which can be viewed through some of the successfully viral videos we’ve made.
• Idly

Idly, was a viral video made by us, for “Meet My Country”. Special care was taken in every single step of the video’s creation to ensure that it would hit all the right notes among audience, by reaching out to their inner foodie. Needless to say the video turned out to be a huge success, gathering up to 1.6 million views


• Canara HSBC

The video “Financial Awareness with Akbar Birbal” was made by us with one aim – To educate & create awareness about a particular section of banking. Its visual quality & easy story-telling helped the video reach a wider range of audience easily & generated over 1.5 million views


Child Abuse

The video on child abuse was not a commodity. It was a necessity. The crux of the video was so crucial for the betterment of the society’s awareness that the video had to go viral at all costs. And when Toon Explainers was approached to make the video, we did just that with the video generating over 456,634+ views.


• Rio

Rio was not just a video. It was about celebration. Toon Explainers planned to make the video lively & inspiring to capture the fever of Olympics. The video went on to reach record numbers in a short span. Our video “Rio” is proof that when you put your heart & soul in creating something, (which is something we at Toon Explainers are great at) the content will reach the audience no matter what.


So what brings about this difference? What are the key factors to ensure that your video goes viral? Here is a comprehensive look at what you should & should not do while aiming to making a viral video.


1. Content is king:
You may invest in a popular animation video company to make the perfect video with glorious graphics & extraordinary music. But all that will be inconsequential if the content of your video is weak & unclear. So to plan for a viral animation video, make sure that script of the video is relatable & impactful first. Then move on to the other grand stuff.


2. Fix your target:
Though you want your animation video to reach all sections of people, when the animated video company you approached asks for a target demographic, be as specific as you can. The truth is that the more you try to cater your videos to different audience, the lesser emotional connectivity it will have.
If you choose a specific target sector, (for example: college students, nature lovers, book readers, etc) you will be able to create a content which that particular audience can relate to & make them watch it more than once, which in turn will auto-promote the video to related users.


3. Promote your video:
Unless and until you are willing to promote your video, no amount of effort made by animation video companies can make your videos go viral. Sure, the animated video company you hired may offer to share it in their website, facebook & youtube channels, but that is only that beginning. You need to invest time, effort & money for the video made by the animation creator to truly go viral.


4. Don’t over promote:
It may sound contradictory, but it is important that you have a limit to the promotion you do for you video. Imagine if both you & your animation video company both try to shove the video on your potential customers face at every single turn. Then it will definitely have a negative effect. Remember even the greatest animated video companies don’t go for constant promotion. Moderation is everything.


5. Keep it simple:
No one would watch a video that is not understandable. This is why animation video companies prefer to keep their videos simple & easy to understand. Unless the animation creator is trying to impress Quentin Tarantino, there is no need to go overboard with convoluted scripts & concepts. Keep it simple enough that even a rookie can understand your video.
6. SEO:
To make sure your videos reach the masses. You need to make sure that they are ‘reachable’ to the common folks & your target audience. Through effective SEO you can make your videos instantly available, instead of searching through a horde of links. And let’s face it, people are too lazy to search anything beyond the 2nd page. Though not in all cases, animated video companies themselves offer to do SEO for your video, as a part of the package or for a reasonable price.