Explainer video

Digital Marketing has taken over and the internet has become more like a place for videos.

With an impressive 3 billion daily views, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and is the third most visited website in the world.

But in a world of overwhelming content, if you want your video to get noticed and attract more leads to website; you got to play it smart.

Here are the 3 tips to maximize leads with your YouTube video:

KNOW YOUR TARGET: You can only hit it off well and big, if you know your audience. Understand your target audience, their characteristics and needs and see your efforts pay off for real. You need to analyze your customer’s pain points and identify how your product makes their life better. Once you know the problem better you will be able to present your solution better.

GET AN EXPLAINER VIDEO: Video Marketing offers a lot of options to approach the target audience, but the best way is always an Animated Explainer Video. It will connect with your target directly by addressing their pain points. An Explainer can brand your baby perfectly, showcase your USPs and highlight your solution in the best possible way including all the technicalities in a language even a layman understands! It can maximize your ROI as it serves as an excellent promotional video as well.

GRAB THE TOOLS: Make use of YouTube features

1. The video description box: If you are looking to increase traffic whenever you upload a video make sure you use this. Well, start with a 5-6 word call for action and your website URL followed by a paragraph or two describing the content of your video. You can add your website URL again at the end of your description.

2. Annotations: This is an exceptional feature of YouTube to attract prospect customers. These are links that can be embedded into the video which can take users to another site like to playlists, channels, and videos or to subscribe. This feature adds variety to your videos and provides links without making viewers feel like targets. You can place them anywhere in the video and experiment with them using various styles and info blurbs. Annotations are also an excellent way to embed your call to action into your video.

3. Captions and subtitles: This feature allows adding an additional layer to your video. YouTube also offers a great machine service for captions which translates them automatically in to different languages.

4. Call to Action Overlay: Don’t miss valuable traffic because you didn’t spare a few minutes to setup this little-known YouTube feature. The overlay is a simple banner ad that will appear on the bottom of the video that allows you to give a message with an image and URL that will surely take your visitors to any desired location you want. Use it if you wish to convert your passive video viewers into highly targeted traffic.

5. Comments: This feature is an essential way to engage your audience in a good way. You can make good use of the ability to discuss by enabling comments and responding to them right away. This instills a personal connection with your audience and lead to brand devotion.

YouTube has absolutely incredible potential for marketing but make sure you use all these simple and beneficial features of YouTube to make your explainer video a huge hit, a magnet for more leads to your website!