Animation video

A promotional video is probably the most wonderful marketing tool at an agency’s disposal. Nothing connects with your audience more than a video made by an animated video production company. These explainer videos have the potential to pique the audience’s curiosity right from the word ‘go’.   But what truly would extract the best result from the video made by your favorite Explainer Video Company, is a careful study of the videos’ performance & enhance the future videos. A continuous investment of time, effort & money into making the videos without properly measuring its productivity, is like wasting your chance to achieve the full potential of the video making company you collaborated with.

Here is how you can effortlessly use analytics to measure the success of your videos and then build on even more successful videos to take your business to the next level. Identify the goals of your video:
The most important thing about making a promotional video, is to think about what you expect the video to achieve after its completion. Do you need the video to bring growth in sales? Or do you need it for some other business incentive?

It is mandatory that the Explainer Video Company understands your needs to bring out the best results.
Once you’ve set the goals for the video, establish the metrics used to identify if you’re on track to meet your goals.
Know your video analytics:
Every single metric will have a specific kind of information on how the videos are performing. Here are the most important metrics you’ll need to efficiently capitalize on the explainer video services you had opted for.
• Play Count
Play count is perhaps the most fundamental metric for videos. Simply put, Play count refers to how many times the play button has been pushed by audience. Every play is literally counted once. This means, ‘someone who clicks a video & watches it for just a second’ & ‘someone who watches the video over & over again’ are considered the same. Despite this minor issue, play count serves as a great tool to measure the general level of interest your video has gathered. This in turn could be exploited in making future content.

Depending on the site the video is uploaded, measuring play count can be quite straightforward as checking the number of views a video page shows, or viewing the count through specific settings of your account.
• Play Rate
Play rate is metric which comes into play when you embed videos uploaded on other sites into your webpage. Play rate can be calculated based on two factors, page views & play count. The percentage of your page visitors who watched the video is the play rate.
Play rate is a solid insight tool that indicates how engaging your video is. When used right it could also help you to optimize your web page designs in order to engage audience better.


• Heat Mapping
Heat mapping is a service offered by video platforms like Wistia. It lets you know which portions of the video receive the highest attention and which portions barely get any love. Through heat mapping you can analyze what to repeat & what not to repeat in your future contents.
• Website Shares
The number of times your video has been shared is the most simple & straightforward metric to measure your video’s reach. Any share a video has gained will be considered, irrespective of where it is shared. Be it a social page or a corporate mail.
Click-through rate, also known as CTR is where you can measure the success of your video through the conversions that has happened through it. CTR can be measured anywhere you have incorporated video. By embedding a call-to-action in the video, CTR can be tracked instantaneously.
• Social Engagement
When videos are posted on social feeds, their reach on those channels can be easily tracked. Social media platforms provide users analytics to effortlessly track engagement through features like ‘Twitter Analytics’ & ‘Facebook Insights’
Get the ball rolling:
No longer is the concept of promotion & marketing an alien topic in India. Every company has started using them. It is also equally important to know how they can be measured.
Now that you know about all the ways of measuring your videos’ success, start making those explainer videos India and bring a barrage of potential customers to your sites.