It’s surprising to see how a lot of people cannot answer a simple question when asked, “What kind of video do you want?” But really, it’s not their fault, they cannot & need not know the different types of videos, unless they actually need one.

So if you need an answer for when the question is asked by an ad agency or an Explainer Video Company, here’s a list of all video types, from interview videos to explainer videos. First & foremost, it is important to know your goals, marketing video styles are chosen purely based on what you expect the video to achieve. Sometimes, it is a personal welcome video for a website, sometimes it is a collection product explainer videos. So it all comes down to what you need. Based on your objectives, video styles can be split into the 16 types below.


1. Talking Head
This is the first (& often the only) style of video which most people think of when they hear the word video. It is a video showing people on a “head & shoulders” level speaking directly to the camera. This is a style used when the content of the video is more personal, like an “about me” section video.

2. Screencast Video
This is a popular & powerful style of video employed by companies, to instruct customers how a certain computer or mobile based operation can be done, by displaying a walkthrough of sorts, displaying the screens during the entire process.

3. Photo Montage
This is one of the easiest styles of videos, where minimal animation is employed over a collection of photos & text.

4. Video PowerPoint
Though not often considered as a ‘real’ video, Video PowerPoint is an effective form of communication especially in corporate scenarios involving quick briefings & meetings.

5. Sales Videos
Though technically all videos aim at selling something, sales videos in particular are videos with nothing more than basic level of text, along with a voice over.

6. Webinar Video
Webinars an underappreciated style of video, where you can record information in the form of instructions & upload them to your site or video hosting sites

7. Animated Explainer Videos
Perhaps one of the most influential & successful styles of modern times, Videos of animation & motion graphics serve as a vibrant & effective ways of pitching a message, product & companies. It is clear that with the right explainer video production company, anything can be marketed.

8. Sizzle Reel
Borrowed from the entertainment industry, it is a style of video which involving a lot of special effects & high production values. Speaker reels & demo reels too come under sizzle videos.

9. Product Videos
These are special videos aimed towards the sales of a physical or digital product. Even Webinars can be turned into videos to generate sales , thus making them into product videos.

10. Launch Series
Launch series is a style of video making where more than three videos are clubbed together to convey a single sales message. This style is mostly used when a product is launched.

Sometimes, even knowing these styles of video may not help you to choose one. In these scenarios, it is best to approach companies which have expertise in all kinds of videos from 2D explainer videos to even more corporate oriented business explainer videos. All you need to do is approach the right company, which gives you the best videos for a nominal explainer video cost.