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25 May, 2017

6 Ways to increase the Youtube Rank of your videos

‘Video’ is perhaps the most searched term online. With countless new mobile users popping up every single day, videos are the best way to market your products. Be it Explainer Videos or Live-Action Videos, your video needs exposure to perform well. To be more precise, your video must rank high on Youtube to get the maximum efficiency of the amount of effort made by your Explainer Video Company.

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09 May, 2017

10 Styles of Videos You Can Choose For Your Marketing

It’s surprising to see how a lot of people cannot answer a simple question when asked, “What kind of video do you want?” But really, it’s not their fault, they cannot & need not know the different types of videos, unless they actually need one.

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24 Apr, 2017

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are probably the best marketing you can use on your online locations such as your websites & social media. But sadly, these explainer videos power is often underestimated by those who are unaware of it. Here are 5 facts about these videos, which will make you realize how they can benefit your business.

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18 Apr, 2017

The Secrets Behind Viral Video Marketing Revealed

Let’s get this out of the way first, every single company or individual has wanted one (or more) of to their videos to go viral. To achieve that they may have tried to hire ad companies or even an animation creator to make their own marketing video, which in simpler terms can be called as ads.

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05 Apr, 2017

How Facebook Videos Can Improve Your Business Promotion

Facebook is almost everywhere. Be it your friend, colleague or even grandparents, everyone’s using it. This particular phenomenon is why creating a facebook video promotion can tremendously help your business. Video marketing is not exactly a new strategy. It’s been with us since forever. We are only taking the idea of video promotion to the next level as a social media video.

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28 Mar, 2017

10 Fast Ways to Improve Your Small Business

“All business starts small. It is only through consistent effort, quality & management that they grow huge & branch out”. While this statement is true, it withholds a certain crucial factor. In order for your small business to truly succeed, you need one additional factor along with the above mentioned ones. It is marketing.


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28 Mar, 2017

How to measure the success of your marketing Videos

A promotional video is probably the most wonderful marketing tool at an agency’s disposal. Nothing connects with your audience more than a video made by an animated video production company. These explainer videos have the potential to pique the audience’s curiosity right from the word ‘go’.


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28 Mar, 2017

Is your YouTube video giving you enough leads?

Digital Marketing has taken over and the internet has become more like a place for videos.

With an impressive 3 billion daily views, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and is the third most visited website in the world.

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03 Nov, 2016

Epic formula for Facebook

FaceBook – Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.More than 1+ billion people on facebook everyday.FB has an epic formula: Create-> Strategize-> Promote-> Test-> Repeat.


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28 Oct, 2016

Deepavali -The Festival Of Lights

Deepavali is the most important festival celebrated by Indians all over the world. Deepavali is commonly known as “The Festival Of Lights“, since Hindus has a strong belief that how the light rays illuminates the darkness, as the same way all the evil things will vanish from our lives (the victory of brightness over darkness)

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27 Oct, 2016

10 Quick Ways to Improve Your App Downloads

Apps are ruling the world in this era and everyone’s wish is to get a good app performance& revenue. Google tells us that over 1 million Android devices are activated each day. But the reach for the entire apps can’t be good, whether it is developed from basic software or using from some android app builder. Here we are going to provide you some tips which results in more downloads, installs and ultimately more revenue.

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19 Oct, 2016

The most effective ways to Create and Promote Explainer Videos

Videos? Nowadays we are hearing and viewing a lot of stuffs about video, but you ever wonder why a video gets so much attention and a hotter topic these days. Videos are not just videos now, they have transformed a lot and this evolution paves ways for Explainer videos.

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01 Oct, 2016

All you want to know about video marketing

Video marketing strategies:

Publishing Schedule
Stick on to the schedule and plan accordingly to post your video. This keeps track on the regular viewers, who are most interested in your services. It is the best way to increase your viewer’s rate.

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17 Sep, 2016

Guide to create a viral video content

Going Viral-No one can predict which video concept will be viral. Right strategic plan, keen concept and a very good production all these things were combined & mixed together with the right social platform where it is being published gives your video a definite success path.

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08 Sep, 2016

Voice over Industry-Current Trends & Importance

Communication is an effective tool; it gives a shape for every video.

The voice-over is a production technique, read from the script where a voice is spoken by some voice talent expert. They are usually prerecorded and placed over the film or video. Voice over’s holds messages and they differ for each kind of videos from documentaries to video games.

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26 Aug, 2016

18 Tips to create a perfect Product Video

Pitching your product in the market through product videos gives a greater impact and definitely increases your product sales. Creating a product video online allows your target audience to get more excited about your new product. Here in this blog we have 18 beautiful tips to make your video product perfect.

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13 Aug, 2016

4 Types of Explainer Videos for Startups Commonly Used

In case you have been taking after online videos for quite a while, you may have found various explainers that are promoted or made in a surprising way.
That being said, not all explainers are made equal. It’s not just about the product. It’s not just about the message or its tone. It’s also about the production style.

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26 Jul, 2016

Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Get ready India…Waiting to watch our success in RIO 2016

The torch relay started on April 21 in the Games’ birthplace Olympia in Greece, travelling across the globe for 90days and it will reach the stadium on AUG 5th

Inorder to encourage our people and an eager to hear our success, Toon Explainers takes a step to give a word about Olympics.

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08 Jul, 2016

9 Storytelling Techniques for your branding

Videos should be engaging and people should enjoy watching it. We all love stories, they are the basic unit behind every video. The technique of storytelling in advertising is the best way to communicate your business message to the outside communities.

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13 Jun, 2016

What an Explainer Video should contain off..

Having a business struggling to find out a way to promote it, even after creating explainer videos? Don’t be tensed explainer videos all make a huge difference in your business promotion. But thinking how,why and what an explainer video is.

Explainer Video helps to describe your business within a minute or two.

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31 May, 2016

Quit Smoking – Kicking the Habit Together

‘World No Tobacco Day’ was first organized by the WHO to encourage a 24-hour period of abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption around the globe and to raise awareness about the ill effects of tobacco use. Tobacco is found in many forms such as cigarettes, cigars, gutkha, pipes, bidis, snuff and in a lot more substances.

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24 May, 2016

Top 10 Common Video Marketing Mistakes for Small Business

Nowadays there is a growing need for better forms of explaining your Business concept, video plays a vital role in it and the widely accepted fact is video contents help reach the target market and actively engage the viewers has put forth the demand for videos.

There are quite a few shortcomings which we might be well aware of with this powerful marketing method.

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17 May, 2016

Go Viral after YouTube Channel Creation

In our previous blog, we have discussed how to set up a customized YouTube channel, as a follow in this blog we are going to speak about how to make the channel visible globally.

  • YouTube Fan Finder
  • Do you have any idea on this fan finder program? YouTube itself spends money to help you promote your YouTube channel for free. The program allows you to submit up to 5 advertisements for your channel. Your ads should be short video clips and they are shown to the audience across different YouTube videos relevant to your channel. Make sure your short ads are attractive, so when a viewer clicks, it will be redirected to your profile. The goal of this program promotes your YouTube channel to viewers that will enjoy and engage with your videos.

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    10 May, 2016

    How to Set Up a Custom YouTube Channel for Business

    The Internet makes the businesses possible around the world easily nowadays. Your business might be started initially in one part of the world and cover the overseas might be quite difficult with some extra efforts. There paves a way for internet marketing, which day by day transformed and now leads Video Marketing as the Trend.

    While video marketing is the discussion topic, everybody’s mind will definitely blink with the word “YOUTUBE”.

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    04 May, 2016

    How Brands Are Winning With Vine And Instagram

    Whenever we hear the words video marketing or video promotion, we almost always think of YouTube. Even though it is the leader of online marketing, it is just one segment of marketing. In a row, we have two beautiful platforms, where we can experience a huge number of audience, clever brands and marketers.

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    28 Apr, 2016

    6 Tips to generate leads from your blog

    Leads generation is the most needed and an essential step in Marketing. Leads bring businesses that help to grow your organization. Let’s look into the main concept of generating leads. It is not a hectic task but it requires an innovative way to follow and impress the audience. Take a look at our blog where we speak more about it.

    Make magic with your writing skills to make your blog generate more leads with these six useful tips.

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    19 Apr, 2016

    Video Marketing a Game Changer

    2016 is really going to be a year of Videos, especially from the second quarter. Engaging customers with the video streams the most successful business way and it replaces the one-size-fits-all mentality of yesterday’s marketers. Traditional advertising ways have been modernized and the customized videos for each and every business make these videos a medium of choice. Innovation and creativity are the two essentials which always rules this world.

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    13 Apr, 2016

    Social Media-Search Tactics & Marketing Trends

    Social Medias are going to be the marketing trend in 2016.Social Medias are the best way to share our business to more people. Visibility of our products/business in the web increases through these social medias. There are ‘N’ number of social medias available in the market ,it is must to choose the one or concentrate more on one is independently depends on your service. Sharing our thoughts gives the crowd more information about our services and sharing, commenting others people post or content helps us to wider our network.

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    04 Apr, 2016

    Half-a-Minute video can do miracles

    Give your business a good start, but Thinking how?

    We have the answer for you. It is videos, not just videos it’s Explainer Videos. Most of the internet marketers will come across the word Explainer video. Do you ever think what is an Explainer Video? How will it increase customers to your business? Why we need explainer videos?

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    30 Mar, 2016

    Want to Boost your business? – Check out the video types

    Lets explain you why a video for your business.

    Well an explainer video can Generate Interest, Grab Audience Attention, Help Your Audience Retain Information, Increase Conversion Rates, Clarify the Objective of Your Service, Rank Better in Google Search, Increase Web Traffic, Liven Up Your Pitch, Easily Shareable and Showcase Your Personality.

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    23 Mar, 2016

    11 Different ways to Promote your YouTube Channel

    1.Social Media Profiles

    One of the best ways to grow your channel is through Social medias. Like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus which can be utilized fully for marketing. Instagram is another social media platform that is widely used by YouTubers and vloggers. Online presence through social media allows you to gain exposure immediately for your videos. Each tweet, status update, and post can lead to more views.

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    14 Mar, 2016

    Why Do We Love Dogs?

    A dog is one absolutely unselfish friend a man can have. Dogs are the wonderful creature in this world named for its loyalty and faithfulness. It showers unconditional love and happiness, makes the environment around us to be very positive. Yes, definitely your dog can smell your feelings and they can understand your hand actions, also recognize more than 150 words. Dogs are really one of our family members, it looks into each & everything and makes us comfortable.

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    10 Mar, 2016

    Why you should be using Video on Landing Page

    People stay longer on your page; yes Videos increase the length of it. Not only giving your brand message longer to sink in, it also reduces the bounce rate of your website.

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    03 Mar, 2016

    Alexander Graham Bell-History of his Invention

    Alexander Graham Bell was a Scottish-born American scientist and inventor , he is the person behind the invention of the telephone. On 3 March 1847,he was born in Edinburgh into a family fascinated by sound and educated in London. He is a grandson of an actor interested in speech disorders and the son of a father who devised a method to teach the deaf to speak.


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    02 Mar, 2016

    Are you a Start-up? Tips to keep in mind…..

    The important factors for a Startup to keep in noticed, when they are planning to establish their business.

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    27 Feb, 2016

    Global Goals On Education

    Educating a child is like giving life to a small plant to become a tree. Education is very essential to improve themselves, as well as the surrounding environment. To fight against poverty, injustice, inequality education paves a way to find the solution. In 2015, 193 world leaders committed to some Global Goals for sustainable development by 2030.

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    23 Feb, 2016

    Book promotion made easy with animation trailers

    Book Trailers! Nowadays we are coming across many marketing strategies and book trailers are really one of it. Book trailers are a short video format which can be less than a min either can be an animated or a live action video, describes the core of the book.

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    19 Feb, 2016

    Top 10 Best Internet Marketing Tools For 2016

    Marketing tools are more important in Internet businesses and its involves any type of business. Promoting your business is a very important thing. There various marketing tools that you can use to do so. The smart marketing tools that can help you build successful marketing campaigns and Branding to take your company to the next level.
    Today we are sharing our top 10 favorite marketing tools.

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    13 Feb, 2016

    Celebrating National Radio Day

    Radios are the first wireless mode of communication. Radio works by changing sounds or signals into radio waves, which travel through air, space, and solid objects, and the radio receiver changes them back into the sounds, words, and music we hear. It is a one-way transmission, originating from the radio station.

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    10 Feb, 2016

    Happy Umbrella Day !!!

    Umbrella-A protection from sun or rain

    Umbrella came from a Latin word umbella, a flat-topped rounded flower, and “umbra” meaning shaded or shadow.Ancient umbrella was decided to protect from the sun.Basic umbrella was made more than four thousand years ago.

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    04 Feb, 2016

    Screening and Prevention advice for World Cancer Day 2016

    Early stages of cancer can be operated and removed. An easy operation like “Laparoscopic surgery” is a specific type of minimally invasive surgery.

    Widely used therapies for third and fourth stages of Cancer are Chemo and Radiotherapy.

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    29 Jan, 2016

    Niche ecommerce marketing through explainer video

    In the age of tablets, phablets and smartphones, today is the day for ecommerce and shopping cart software or today is the day for mcommerce and shopping cart app.

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    08 Jan, 2016

    Increase your business through E-commerce Videos

    Explainer video can generate interest, grab audience attention, help your audience retain information, clarify the objective of your service, rank better in search engine, increase web traffic,liven up your pitch, easily shareable and showcases your personality. Rate of conversion increases in the upcoming year while compared to previous year especially for the E-commerce field.

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    17 Dec, 2015

    National Level Award Winner by Election Commission of India

    The Election Commission of India has announced the winners of the various online contests it has organized to coincide with ‘Voters Festival’ that is being celebrated all through the year, 2015. ‘Voters festival’ is being celebrated to create awareness, educate and celebrate the importance of voting among our citizens.

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    16 Nov, 2015

    10 Must-Have Online Marketing Tools for 2015

    It is quite obvious that to build a successful business you need to have a powerful online marketing strategy. You will also require smart marketing tools that can help you build successful marketing campaigns to take your company to the next level. The year 2015 will be tougher and competitive than the previous years. This is why we need marketing tools that bring greater exposure to your company and get more returns. We bring you a list of marketing tools that will be a worthy investment for your company in the long run.

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    12 Oct, 2015

    How did the Animated Video of reach the top of Search Engine Rankings?

    About 80 percent of Internet users recall watching a video advertisement on a website they visited in the past 30 days, according to the Online Publishers Association. Promo videos have become a powerful technique to market your product or service. Irrespective of the type and size of your business, explainer videos have the power to boost your conversion rates . They fit into your market plan and appeal to your target audience more easily.

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    12 Sep, 2015

    Voiceover vs Non-Voiceover Explainer Videos: Which works best?

    You know what explainer videos do right? They explain about your business, product or service through a short and interesting video usually under a minute or two. The explainer videos grab the attention of the audience and keep them engaged until the very end. It evokes emotion and connects with them creating an everlasting impact. They are a powerful marketing tool that has the potential to jump your conversion rates.

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    15 Jun, 2015

    Animated Explainer Video on International Day of Yoga

    We all know the myriad benefits of hitting the mat – performing yoga regularly. It is considered an ancient practice whose origin dates back to 5,000 years. With science approving its positive effect on mind and health, a number of people vouch yoga as a vital part of their life. Call it an art or science; yoga is our new age religion.

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    18 May, 2015

    Save the Internet with Net Neutrality

    If your one of those people who cannot imagine a day without Internet then you would already heard about the latest buzz that has got all the internet users in India, probably you too, worked up. Yes, we are talking about ‘Net Neutrality’ that has taken the internet by storm. On Facebook, twitter, in the media or office corners, you are likely to hear about Net Neutrality and why it is vital for the freedom of internet.

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    11 Apr, 2015

    Facebook vs. LinkedIn – Animated Explainer video

    Social media is increasingly becoming the primary platform for marketing and networking for professionals, business leaders and entrepreneurs in this digital world. It would seem obvious that Facebook, which is primarily devised for connecting with your family and friends will be several steps behind LinkedIn when we talk about business networking. Also, LinkedIn the social network that is built especially for reaching out to professionals and business decision makers will seem like the conventional resource for professionals.


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    06 Mar, 2015

    A tribute to every woman on International Women’s Day –An animated video

    It’s the celebration of she, her and you – it’s the celebration of every women in every society all over the world – it’s March 8, International Women’s day. Women are the strengthening link of a society. They, without even thinking about, leave a mark in world. Every simple woman makes a difference. She can be an accomplishing career woman, an ardent woman devoted to her family, a quintessential problem-solver, an amazing mother, inspiring teacher – a women dons all of these or many of these roles in her life. They are the shining power of our society. They are the epitome of strength and courage. They are the guiding powers who help fulfilling other’s dreams.

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    02 Feb, 2015

    A whiteboard animation video for Mercadeo by Toon Explainers

    It is never easy to explain ideas, concepts or things to people. It is difficult to make people comprehend something even if you are using a lot of words. Videos, however, are a different story altogether. Visual images can help you get the message across to your audience easily. Add animation to it and you give a personal feel that grabs the attention of the audience. Whiteboard animations are one such tool that can help you communicate easily with your target audience.

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    05 Jan, 2015

    Promotional video for CatchThatBus

    According to ComScore, 64 percent of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video related to it. You may have a worthy product or service which has a great story to tell. But just telling a story is not enough these days as no one have the attention span to read through pages worth of text. To give a glimpse of what your product or service can do, you need to show it to the audience in the most engaging way possible. So, that’s why you need a promotional video that can tell audience what your service or product can do. It can give a foretaste into your business and show the promise the audience what you are capable of.

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    08 Dec, 2014

    Toon Explainers features in 50 Fastest Growing Indian Companies on ‘Silicon India’ Magazine

    We are extremely honoured to be featured in the Silicone India Magazine’s December 2014 Issue as one of the 50 fastest growing companies in 2014. It’s good to be recognized, isn’t it? We are thrilled. We, at Toon Explainers, have been constantly striving in setting high standards and raising the bar in our industry. The endorsement by the Silicone India Magazine is another validation that we are set out on the right path.

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    09 Nov, 2014

    Congratulations CommonFloor for raising funding from Google Capital

    We offer our hearty congratulations to our client, the one stop online for real estate needs. The folks at CommonFloor have another reason to cheer about. CommonFloor has raised funding from Google Capital, the growth equity fund of the colossal internet entity Google. This is truly a feather in the cap for CommonFloor, particularly as this investment is only the third in Asia by the Google Capital.

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    13 Oct, 2014

    Short Explainer Videos vs. Long Videos

    Videos as a marketing tool have been in rage for quite some time. The visual and audio aspect of videos helps business to grab audience attention, connect with them emotionally as well as entertain them. It helps you covey your message to your audience in a better way. The percentage of information retained by audience is also more when they watch video rather than reading pages of information.

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    12 Sep, 2014

    Thank you, Bull Bear Device. We feel appreciated.

    Nothing gets us chuffed like seeing a happy client! Our clients are the raison d’etre of our company. We are happy that as a team Toon explainers were able to deliver Bull Bear Device a wonderful experience.


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    11 Jul, 2014

    Explainer Videos for SEO and SEM

    Search Engine Optimization is shortly known as SEO. It is a process of getting more traffic to your website and makes it rank higher in the search results of all search engines. SEM is Search Engine Marketing. As the word marketing implies, it is all about promoting a website, attracting people and increase your business or sales. Marketing does this job in a creative, entertaining and funny way making sure that they convey information relevant to the concept or idea or product. Marketing use different strategies and the latest of all is explainer video. Explainer videos are one of the powerful sources for SEO and SEM. They make it very easy to get your point across the world.

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    09 Jun, 2014

    Explainer Videos – Power of Thinking & Decision Making

    Explainer videos are powerful tools to gain attention and engage the viewers.  Your viewers are more likely to be interested in your product or company and watch the content completely when it is a video. Your viewers may even want to know more about your company or brand after watching the explainer video.


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