App Explainer videos

About This Service

Increase your App downloads with Mobile App Promo Videos.

Mobile internet users are increasing every day, especially of those who watch videos. This can be an enough reason to create an explainer video for your apps. Just not that! Those videos draw attention, increase the engagement of the audience, enhance the information provided and boost conversion rates.


An app explainer video is short and interesting that gives a brief and worthy explanation about your app. It can also introduce the app to your prospective clients and users, increase the number of downloads, demonstrate its features and explain its functions. They can even be participating by simply answering to the user’s questions.


Why does your app need an Animated Explainer Video?

  • Grabs attention to the fullest. It can do something which images and text can’t.
  • Easily shareable. Can be circulated in social medias easily and your app or brand can get exposed in multiple platforms which result in conversions.
  • Traffic enhancement. This also increases the call to action- share, login, jump to a landing page, purchase etc.