Animated Doodle Videos


About This Service


Doodles are underrated art forms. Animated Doodle videos, however, can be a fun way to explain your product or service as well as express the uniqueness of your brand to the audience. The video comprises of series of animations which are hand drawn doodles aimed to engage and convince your audience to buy your service or product. Doodle explainer videos are very popular because of their candour and simplicity.

“We never know how far reaching something we may think, say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” – B.J. Palmer

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what would be the worth of a moving picture? We say it is priceless considering what it could mean for your product, service or company.

What can a doodle video do for your business?
  • • A good Doodle Explainer Video can make your pitch to your audience more exciting. Good script, engaging doddles and capturing voiceover are a perfect combination to win over your audience.
  • • A doodle explanatory video is bound to keep the viewers’ stay longer on your page. This can increase sales and traffic.
  • • The video can help you spread a word about your product or service in an easier way – on social media sites that can boost your conversion rates. Also, if your customers approve your product, they will tend to share the video.
  • • You can gain the trust of the audience and push them to be loyal to your brand. Doodle videos can give a sense of trust in your product and company to the viewers. Even without a direct, physical connection, you can create a link with customers and build trust through explainer videos.
What we can do for your business?

We will be the channel that will help you create marketing content that keeps your viewers on the edge of their seat, convince them about your product or service and ultimately boost your conversion rates. We help you impress your target audience and give them a glimpse of who you really are. We also help in spreading brand awareness, gain trust and push boundaries of your customer database. We simplify your explanations and messages and make it easier for the audience to understand. We also increase sales and conversion rates with the power of impressive doodles.

How we do it – The process


We talk with you to know what you want to communicate to your target audience and understand about product or service. We, then, carry research about your theme or subject and the current market trend of your product. We see how your overall marketing strategy fits into this explainer video.


Now that we have thoroughly researched every aspect, we sit down to write down a script that converts your message into a story your audience can easily comprehend. We make sure we address all your key points and engage your potential customers.


Our artists will create a storyboard that conveys your message and uniquely defines you in every facet. Our artists then move on to draw the doodles to create an animation video that will eventually be your marketing asset. We let you see your ideas and thoughts come to life. You can come back to us for revisions and we will keep working on the video until you are contented with it.

Add voice and edit

With the video done, we move on to add voiceover and or background music to add frills and final touches to your video. We then wait for your approval and assist you in making your video go live on the internet. Interested in explaining your big ideas through doodles? Just fill in your contact information and we assure to be in touch with you within one business day. Sign up with us and let us craft your success story. Get started now.