How animation has never failed to grab attention?

How Animation has never failed to grab attention?

Have you ever given a thought for animation like where it all started from and where it is headed to? There is no such great experiment needed to be conducted, it is as simple as it is. Basically, the animation is a display of images in rapid succession to form a video. It has been successfully grabbing attention because there is always something new happening to technology. Animation has evolved from paper cutouts to CGI based animation and that proves that entertainment always had something new to offer to the receivers. 

The rise of HTML and CSS transforms and transitions, animations, and movements are becoming increasingly commonplace in modern web designs. Visual design and development considerations are for adding interactivity to UI elements. Animations and interactivity on web pages usually have one of the following user experience objectives: 

  • Draw attention to explain changes on the pages. 
  • Adding fun and whimsy content. 
  • Appear modernistic and up to date. 

Contemplating the following questions is very important while considering an animation. 

  1. User attention: Where will be the users’ attention focused on? 
  2. The goal of the animation:  Why do you place the animation at a particular point?
  3. Frequency of the animation: How often will it occur in the session?
  4. Mechanics of the animation: is it directly caused by a user’s action or indirectly triggered? 

Okay, so we were talking about how animation grabs the attention of our audience. But the greatest challenge is that getting your very colleagues or clients’ attention will itself last only for 8 whole seconds!! Just imagine you speaking up for hours together!! Everything that you create or communicate simply boils down to ensure your audience pay attention to you. If they don’t- Another distraction of the day! Boom!! 

When it comes to animation video, how does it work out in terms of attention-grabbing? Let us tell you the secret ingredient of an attractive animation video. It’s all about the 4 emotions! Without defining or triggering these 4 emotions, no matter how professional your content may seem, it will always fall short. By leveraging the emotions of the audience in a piece of communication, you are possessing their mind. Humans have only 4 major emotions: Happiness/ Sadness/ Fear/Anger. Of Course, there are more defined emotions within one another. Love, compassion comes within happiness, shock, anxiety comes within fear and so on. 

How animation has never failed to grab attention?

If an animator chooses to activate the audience’s emotions and then navigate them through their product with the help of these emotions, there comes an attractive video.

Using an animated video on a landing page can increase conversions by as much as 80% and after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product. A third of all online activity is spent watching the video and 50% of executive look for more information after seeing a product or service in a video. 

Animated videos enable much larger volumes of information to be shared and here are the reasons why: 

-Animation keeps the attention of the viewer

-Animation simplifies complex and tricky topics

-Animation is nostalgic

-Animation is fun

Animation works well for every marketing need from product explainer videos, infographics, etc. Video is a powerful marketing tool and animation is a trending video type that should be considered. Animation video appeals to its audience on an emotional level. And an animation video never fails to grab attention to an audience. 

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