How to create “Call to Action” in video marketing?

How to create “Call to Action” in video marketing?

Video content is the need of the hour since the importance for marketing keeps growing. 50% of the internet users watch online videos on a daily basis. Videos convey a lot of information within a limited time, they are easy to consume in a capsule and more engaging. They’re emotional; so they not just interest the viewers, but also enables companies to build a stronger relationship with their audience. But this content too, have certain challenges, it should connect your viewers’ experience to your next step of business. That way, CTAs can be helpful. 

What is a CTA?

A Call To Action(CTA) expresses what you would want your viewers to do after watching the video. It can make or break your video, so it’s better not to leave your audience without a proper instruction.

Why CTA?
Simply because people will easily forget about the video and everything they’ve learned so far, if you don’t end your video with a strong CTA hook. It’s literally saying what the viewers are advised to do next. CTA provide your prospect with clear instructions, eliminate confusions and makes the user comfortable. CTA allows the viewers get closer to your product/service.

To keep your audience engaged and energised, you have to keep producing fresh content. Even if your content is of high quality, it isn’t useful unless you have a particular purpose. A CTA is aimed at making every content a part of your marketing plan.

How to create “Call to Action” in video marketing?

Methods to create effective CTAs

Place the CTA in the beginning of the video

one minute long video can have a bounce rate of 20%, while 2-3 minutes long video has 40%. So you can observe the patience of the viewers not watching the complete video. So placing the CTA in the beginning of the video is a great solution to this problem. Even if someone doesn’t watch your complete video, Your CTA will be registered in their minds.

Use different types of CTAs

Various types of CTAs can be used to increase the effectiveness of your video. There are visual CTAs, verbal CTAs, clickable elements etc. Variety of CTAs will keep the viewers engaged and interested.

Inform your audience when action is required

Urgency is an effective tool for marketing. If your viewers feel that their action is not needed there at that moment, they will eventually forget it. But it’s also important not to be too pushy. Ask your readers to subscribe or sign up and show such CTA at the right moment. Also don’t forget to explain them why it is important to do it right then.

Make use of descriptive CTAs

Add infographics or visual elements for your CTAs that requires your audience’s attention to detail. Many people read descriptions before they watch a video, hence it’s always advised not to miss that group. Use descriptions and encourage your viewers to take necessary actions.

Customise your CTAs to mobile devices

Most of us watch videos on handheld devices like mobile or tablets, in fact 50% of users prefer watching it on these devices only. You have to adapt your CTAs focused on that audience too. If they are directed through complex sign up process or making a phone call it will be a hectic one and it will push away the crowd. Make it simple, for mobile.

There are many tools that allow video makers to make their video ads interactive and more engaging. Such tools can help you tailor your videos with no need to create a new video for every specific call to action.

Properly chosen CTAs allow for creating consistent marketing content that will guide your prospects through every step, increases engagement and expands your reach. Use different kinds of CTAs, integrate them into your videos naturally and tailor your messages to various purposes. Calls to action are crucial for every marketing campaign, so don’t be afraid to use various CTA-tools, making your viewers’ experience more meaningful.

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