How to Write an Explainer Video Script?

Video rules the internet. 85% of all internet users watch video which generates 66% more qualified leads and highest click-through rate in all forms of content.  Therefore, video content is what grabs the attention which then turns into business. Here, we shall let you know how to write a video script for three types of video: explainer videos, marketing videos and YouTube videos.

YouTube marketing and Explainer Videos fulfill the same goal. YouTube video describes the platform on which the video is getting published. An explainer video is used to attract new customers to the business and establish the product fit to make it a marketing video. If you want to market your business, you can create an explainer video and market it in YouTube. The video script mainly depends on the video’s type and the audience expected.

Explainer videos can boost conversion rates up to 10%. The digital generation wants every content NOW. No one bothers to read a three page case study when they can consume the same content in a 1 minute video. In addition to save time, videos will allow prospects to think from your side. Explainer videos raise the product’s sentiment value and improves the understanding of the product. But on the contrary, the users and the leads will share it with their friends only if it was entertaining.

How to write a script for  Explainer videos?

It’s important to understand that not all videos are equal. There are multiple types of explainer videos like Animated explainer video, Live Action explainer video, Whiteboard explainer video, Screen-cast explainer video etc.

To write a successful video script, first thing to do is to decide the type of video that is to be created.

1. Defining the problem

Keep it simple, this is the formula. Know the struggles of your prospect and then put it in a capsule in the video. The first 10 seconds of your video should focus on identifying the problem, otherwise it is risk losing the attention of the audience. For an animated or live action video, present a persona character that is relatable. For a whiteboard explainer, the tone of the video and its emotion are the much needed elements. The language of the audience must replicate in the video.  Be aware of your video’s goals before you start scripting for it.

2.Bring a solution

If you define a problem, it’s your first and foremost duty to bring a solution too. If you want your audience to be attentive to your video throughout, tease them with the idea of the product, which is a powerful conversion booster. Make your prospects experience plenty of emotions.

3.Explain how your product may help

Since the audience relates themselves to the problem and identifies the solution too, they would be eager to see how the product can be helpful. Use the video to show how the product helps. How the character explains it, how it contributes to the reliability of the product everything matters.

How to Write an Explainer Video Script?

4.The power of CTA

Your Call To Action must be short but effective. Once you repeat the problem and highlight the solution for it, invite the viewers to perform the action you expect them to do. Redirect them to your landing page instead of just asking them to sign up or call. This strategy is that simple but far effective.

Before writing a video script, make a checklist for yourself:

  • Research your audience and fix your goals.
  • Present a character persona and make your audience relate themselves to it.
  • Come up with a solution
  • Come up with an idea of executing the solution
  • Include Voice over and music
  • Place a CTA and direct them to your landing page.

Writing a script for a video isn’t a cake walk if you aren’t following all these guidelines. The actual meaning to produce a video must be satisfied and reach the perfect audience. If you wish your customers to understand your product’s real value both in business and lives, choose a real worthy video script. It can convey everything that you wanted to, in words.

If you wish to develop an explainer video for your business, reach out to us!

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