June 2019
How to create “Call to Action” in video marketing? Video content is the need of the hour since the importance for marketing keeps growing. 50% of the internet users watch online videos on a daily basis. Videos convey a lot of information within a limited time, they are easy to consume in a capsule and...
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5 Tips On How To Create Best Explainer Vide
5 Tips On How To Create Best Explainer Videos!  You might have seen many animated videos that explain a product or service and bring in conversions. You see them everywhere nowadays. Videos are unbelievably popular among the online audience and it works well. They’re informative, easy to understand and engaging. 95% of people watch explainer...
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How to Write an Explainer Video Script?
Video rules the internet. 85% of all internet users watch video which generates 66% more qualified leads and highest click-through rate in all forms of content.  Therefore, video content is what grabs the attention which then turns into business. Here, we shall let you know how to write a video script for three types of...
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