5 Reasons to use Video Marketing for your Business

Not so long ago, it was enough to fill a site with high-quality text content to promote it to the top positions it but the internet is evolving. Video and marketing go hand in hand. From 60’s conventional Commercials to latest snapchat, there are several layers of evidence how videos are becoming a staple of our daily lives. Video marketing has become versatile, attractive and shareable medium to reach the audience. It’s rising each day, and it definitely needs to be discussed.

Video marketing is a set of techniques, approaches and activities aimed at promoting goods, services or brand through video. Direct advertising, company or product review, video blogs all these are video marketing variants that allow consumer demand. it includes all fields of activity, starting from a beauty salon to a hardware store.

Video marketing is the present and future of the online marketing space that makes it very important for every business to use videos to their fullest potential. This blog will explain you the reasons why you should use videos in your marketing strategy.

1. Video marketing increases conversion

We can’t expect a viewer to read all the information of your website fully, especially if the products are not familiar to the visitor. Not just that, not everyone will spend their time reading a long text. That’s where a video comes for saving your product, where it conveys what you want to deliver, just in a glance. almost 50% of Internet users watch videos related to a product or service before visiting a store, and 53% are more loyal to companies that provide instructional videos. There are types of videos like Promo videos/ Video reviews/ Video sessions/ Training videos etc.

2. Videos go mobile friendly

People have smartphones as extra fingers and they collectively check their smartphones to watch videos multiple times a day, which clearly shows that videos can pair up to mobile devices easily. Any kind of video are significantly watched in mobile rather than any other devices and video marketing can reach anyone’s pocket, in no time. Users do have a personal experience on their mobile devices and as a business owner, it’s good to offer them a better choice in the video content they consume.

5 Reasons to use Video Marketing for Business

3. Videos show amazing ROI

Most of the brands claim that videos deliver good ROI. There was a time when video production was expensive and time-consuming affair but not anymore. There are multiple online video making tools to select from. In the video, content is voice. If the content is powerful, it will leave an impact more powerfully. So it’s good to make sure that the content you are adding is relevant to the product and catchy enough to engage the target with the brand. And if the video is stunning, it automatically provides great ROI.

4.Builds trust with the customer

Since the organs of hearing and sight are simultaneously involved, video has a greater impact than textual information. This is why trust is built with target audience using video marketing. Video can share tips & Knowledge, make presentations, show customer feedback and many other methods can be utilized through videos, to build trust and bonding with the audience.

5.Increases visibility of your site in search engines

If your video on YouTube holds a description with the entry of keywords, it will fetch more visitors for your brand even if similar keywords are searched for. The presence of a unique video on a site is a positive ranking factor which increases the chances of web pages to appear on the top.

These reasons are enough to convince digital marketers that they should start video marketing. Technological advancements are increasing and spreading day by day, and eventually video marketing will only fetch higher business in the future.

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