How to create Engaging WhiteBoard Animation?

WhiteBoard Animation gets the basic inspiration from our teachers who use to give us the image of the future, through a whiteboard. A White Board Animation can also pretty well do the same. Drawings and animations always hold a special place in storytelling, both for children and adults. That’s simply because the understanding is much easier. Whether it’s simple concepts or boring content, it transforms the content into interesting ones to using illustrations on a whiteboard to produce highly engaging videos. This is produced simply with markers and pens, usually in black and white. The entire story comes into life, right in front of your eyes within a couple of minutes. That’s exactly where the power of a whiteboard animation video lies.

So, what exactly is a Whiteboard animation video?

White Board animation video tells us a story through a series of events or scenes, illustrated directly on a whiteboard by an artist. This is recorded to create a story communicated through animated illustrations. These are popular because of their simplicity, quality, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility, and they work for any type of audience. Isn’t that cool?

Here’s how you can create an effective and engaging whiteboard animation video:

Create a Rocking script

Content is the King or Queen, as you know; the story is one of the most important factors that decide the success of the product, which means that it applies for the Whiteboard animation video too. Great storytellers need to understand the message the video has to deliver, and they should draft up tales that best represent the client’s product or service. The screenwriter makes sure that the story has a convincing start and an end. And, how can one forget animation? But however the animation may be, the script is what you must begin with.

Create a rocking screenplay

A story can be interesting, but the screenplay is required to make the story more interesting. The story should be told in a manner that doesn’t take long to unfold and you need the viewers to grasp your message within a short period and not at the end of the video. Your WhiteBoard animation video can’t afford to be boring. Remember, never make them boring!

How to create engaging White Board Animation?

Create a powerful Animation

Your Whiteboard animation video may have a mascot which may be the buyer’s persona or the representation of your ideal customers. Introduce an animated character and as they contribute to your video, build a story around them. Animated characters make the story more interesting, fun and entertaining. They make your audience feel empathetic and adds a personal approach which leads to…

Create an emotion

Whiteboard animation video has the power to stir the audience’s emotions, make them feel happy, sad, nostalgic, what not? This is very important because emotion will engage the audience and catch their attention. By appealing with it, you can make them identify the message, eventually, it makes them remember your brand or product.

Create an educational message

Since whiteboard animation videos can attract and retain the audience’s attention, it’s imperative to make educational videos. People learn things better when they’re interesting and fun.

Begin with a strong script, develop a storyboard, add some characters, color and drawings. Select a voice over that works for your story, add music to create the right feel, and there it is- a powerful whiteboard animation video of yours!

If you’re thinking of making your whiteboard animation with our professional video makers, you can always give us a call, so that we can make you understand more about whiteboard animation videos.

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