How Important is Voice Over in Animated Videos?

Most of the audience will be more attracted to any audio content you add to a video by knowing that it’s as important as the visual component. A voiceover is just a narration to your animated video, yet it is a powerful weapon which improves the progress of video by leaps and bounds.

Why does a video need a Voice over?

Delivers human touch

Professional voice talent can make you feel all emotions over an animated video. The voice sets up a particular mood through a personal human touch and makes it more personal. Professional voice over artists actually knows where to use pauses, where to give more value to the emotions and carry it in the right way. The personal zone it creates adds more value to the video itself.

Delivers credibility

A native voice over artist can convey the appropriate message of the video in a more credible manner and make it more comfortable. The native ears will not have any mistrust in the brand or the product that appears in the video, just because the voice over sounds familiar in terms of language.

 How Important is Voice Over in Animated Videos?

Delivers an action

A voice not just creates trust also encourages the viewer to move further with the brand. By saying the call to action, there are enough changes for the potential customers to move for the brand or the product that you offer- whether it’s signing up or even buying the product.

Simplifies the message

The voice over can be the whole condensed message for the whole video. For someone who’s not in a position to watch the video, can simply plug in their earphones, run the video and keep their mobile phone aside and listen to the voice over-where they can still get the actual message with no struggles. The apt and perfect voice will convey any message in a simpler but effective way.

You might not listen to the voice over artists or the dubbing artists in Radio, movie, jingle or so. But any video that holds a real human voice over, will attract the audience as it connects them more specifically and binds them together. The listening skill of the audience is expected to grow higher when it comes to video- voice-overs. The right voices may captivate the right targets and make the brand grow more popularly with the right crowd.

If you wish to create an animated explainer video with a powerful voice over for your Brand, Get in touch with our animation team and check out the power of voice over and animation, for yourself.

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  1. The tone of voice, the cadences it has, and timing all lend to give your video a personality. Whether you’re trying to give your brand an approachable, friendly element, or a professional and reliable quality, the right voice over can also make your audience feel spoken to and represented.

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