Why is Animation important for today’s Advertising?

The idea of animation for the modern world might have been learned from Walt Disney or Hanna Barbera’s cartoons, but it’s just not from the 1800s. Real animation begins with history, by being present in the ancient Egyptian era. People of those times were carving sculptures that repeat their motions in specific patterns and that technique was considered as some spiritual power. The idea was later perceived by illustrators and artists to create a series of pictures, where they were compiled and played speedily and they seem to create an animation! Boom!!

Interesting, right? Let’s read on more interesting facts about why animation is important in advertising.

The animation is applied to any video form- from online ads, e-learning modules, commercials, explainer videos, corporate videos and so forth. It holds incredible storytelling charm. But animation does have a pivotal role in conveying and provoking one important recipe of life-Emotion! And that’s required for any business, we bet!!

Why animation is a powerful aspect of advertising:

It is engaging

They aren’t boring. The digital era is entertaining. Consumers get engaged to videos and if it’s a funny content, it becomes viral-ly shareable. Create your advertising characters in a funny way so that people will love to see it repeatedly.

Message conveyors:

Animated videos are effective channels in communicating your brand’s ideas perfectly. Without animation, it becomes impossible to show the internal workings of a product or a process as the real-time video may not be able to film/show the process in a visually attractive manner.

An alternative for your imagination:

You may create an animation that is not realistic but they depict your imagination. Those videos will show you some new inventions from the company and will create curiosity among the customers about the products. Imagination is always the one which can never be compromised with, and animation becomes a tool to make it sound better.


Let’s see some other reasons to use animation in your advertising campaigns:

  • Using animated characters for your advertising campaigns is cost effective since it doesn’t require a lot of money to produce.
  • It saves time because shooting real-life ad and post-production will consume much time whereas animation videos are time-savers.
  • In Animation videos, you can make your imagination flow and you can show whatever you imagine for your campaign. The characters grow and build themselves along with the growth of the brand.
  • Animated commercials always grab attention and stand out of the crowd when the other ads are getting played, especially in the children crowd. Funny and humorous animated commercials are always preferred by the public in all eras and all mediums.
  • It helps your audience and target customers to understand your product or service in a better manner because they get to know your product in a closer experience, which is rarely possible in other mediums.

Studies have shown a 40% increase in the use of animation in advertising than the previous years which means that more and more businesses are discovering that animation works to explain and sell. Well produced animated adverts improve site visits, google search engine optimization as well as sales conversions. They are cost effective and produce results, then what reason would you hold to not produce an animated advertising campaign?

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