What You Really Need To Know About Explainer Videos?

You would have heard the term “Goldfish’s attention span”. That would be the perfect way to describe why an explainer video is important. A goldfish has an attention span of 8 seconds and human has only 7 seconds! Think of it, when you expect a person to pay attention to your product explanation or read service brochure with much concentration. 17% of the total audience are about to click away from this article after reading this story for 4 seconds. If this were a video you would stay longer. Also, marketers who are using video are seeing 49% faster growth in revenue.

Prospecting is very much effective way via storytelling. It’s the best way to attract and engage your audience and can boost 80% in conversion rates. Simply by adding an explainer video conversions can scale higher to 10%. Whether you’re marketing a simple product or a complex piece, an explainer video can do a better job of telling your story.

Types of Explainer Videos

  1. Benefits video- These feed higher level of information about your product/service.
  2. “How to” videos- These explain specific topics in details.
  3. Testimonial videos- These live videos are good for credibility and trust building.
  4. Demo Video- These videos explain the finer details about your products/services.
  5. FAQ videos- These videos answer all common questions and save time; also can be updated as new inquiries are received.

A best explainer video must contain not just good content-the heart of the video, but also the following:

  1. Graphics- The graphics should reflect the daily things they encounter in their personal life. Age appropriate and culturally accessible graphics connects the audience in good number, with the video.
  2. Voice over- The voice you choose should reflect your brand’s tone. it must be dominating and authoritative in terms of message conveying.
  3. Animation style- This style should be free and easy to grasp. It can be motion graphics if you’re in a serious business, or a cartoon if you’re a light-hearted brand. for some brands, 3D videos will be very useful. End of the day, you videos’ looks, feels and works depends on your brand and budget.
  4. Subtitles- up to 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, research says. So if your video is gonna be marketed via social media too, subtitles are essential ones.

What You Really Need To Know About Explainer Videos

Why do you need an explainer video?

Okay, that’s the question you are whining about. Let’s tell you why. You should consider creating an explainer video for your business if

  • you want to distinguish your product from your competitors.
  • You want to excel in video marketing.
  • You want to engage visitors to your website.
  • You want to have a strong presence in all social channels.
  • You want to make your website look awesome.
  • You want to deliver ideas which would be better presented through animation.

So if you’re planning a new business or a new product or thinking about an innovative campaign to maximize your business capacity, including explainer videos in your promotion budget will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made.  If you’re in need of creating an explainer video and promoting your business and expect conversions, get in touch with us.

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