How can your business benefit from Whiteboard Animation videos?

Whiteboard Animation Videos are one of the most popular marketing tools in today’s business world. When animated explainer videos market a product or a service, businesses find them extremely helpful. It’s statistically proven that whiteboard videos boost 150% of the business generating high-quality leads. Companies which use animation videos achieve 45% more web traffic than companies that don’t. Any more stats to tell you why you need an animation video? Well, read on to know how your business can benefit from these wonderful videos!

There are different types of animated videos that work best with specific goals and audiences. When it comes to Whiteboard explainer videos, it works great both for B2B and B2C companies. Whiteboard videos deliver the most complex message in a simple, compelling way.

Benefits of using Whiteboard animation videos for your business:

Reduces Bounce rate:

Surveys convey that visitors spend on average 2.5x more time on pages with video than the one which doesn’t have videos. Product page conversions can be boosted by 45% if you feature a video on the page. You can add whiteboard animation videos to your most visited landing pages. You can also feature a video about your product or service on your home page and expect a significant boost.

Boosts in email engagements:

Email marketing is one of the highest engaging marketing channels, and your videos can make it work higher. Your whiteboard animation videos content, motion graphics to get a big increase in open rates or click-through rates on any email you send.

You can mention the word “video” in the subject line, which will boost your open rate to 12%. Insert a thumbnail of your video in the email and link it to the video. Trust me, the engagements will be sky high!

Brand Remembrance:

Making your clients remember your products/services, is one of the most crucial and important marketing objectives. More the people remember about your brand, the more likely they wish to know more about it. No other format is more memorable than a video, and out of several types of videos, whiteboard animation videos are of the perfect choice. Easily understood narration, attractive visuals, and catchy tunes, your customers will automatically be pulled towards the video.

Attracts the busy crowd:

The majority have said that they would rather watch than reading. when it comes to business-related animated videos, you can take your best performing piece of text-based content and convey it through a video. one hour sales conversion or a 15-page marketing paper could transform into a 2 minutes whiteboard animation video which is pretty easy to explain and far more effective.

They are on-going processes:

Creating one whiteboard animation is good and creating a series is always better. When a new idea or a product has to be introduced, you can show whiteboard animation video that will help explain the process behind it.

We live in a visual world which demands constant updating. Every corporate video expects a sleek and entertaining new design. In that case, whiteboard animations are gaining popularity as a medium due to its wide impact. They can bring your message to life, save time, and get your clients prepared for their future with your brand.

If you’re thinking about making a whiteboard animation video for your product or service, reach out to us.

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