April 2019
4 Things that You Should Always Include in Your Infographics
This day, people are flooded with information and data, so getting your messages into their brain requires more than just text or images. And there comes Infographics as a Savior. There are different types of infographics, but it all depends on the creator on how and what to choose through some research and thought. If...
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What You Really Need To Know About Explainer Videos
You would have heard the term “Goldfish’s attention span”. That would be the perfect way to describe why an explainer video is important. A goldfish has an attention span of 8 seconds and human has only 7 seconds! Think of it, when you expect a person to pay attention to your product explanation or read...
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Whiteboard Animation Videos are one of the most popular marketing tools in today’s business world. When animated explainer videos market a product or a service, businesses find them extremely helpful. It’s statistically proven that whiteboard videos boost 150% of the business generating high-quality leads. Companies which use animation videos achieve 45% more web traffic than...
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