Types of Video Content proven to attract viewers

Multimedia has already started dominating every channel. In other words, reading or writing texts is going out of style in various other ways. As a marketer, you know this means updating or reinventing your digital strategy. So if you want to make a video, where do you actually start?


It’s imperative to identify your objective. There are three main types of video:

Awareness: These videos typically have high-entertainment value and broad appeal, so they attract as many people as possible.

Engagement:  ignite a reaction, even if it’s a like or comment. Videos that engage participation usually play to the viewers’ emotions.

Education: Teach your viewers something. Your potential customers might bring out a case study for yourself. It could possibly be a how-to video too.

1. Product Tour

First time visitors of your website want to know how your product will add values to their lives. Not everyone will scroll through a ton of images or a bunch of text, that will be heavier for them unless or until your product is relevant to their need. A basic overview of your service/product gives them the answer. They can see for themselves what your product is all about. Depending on its usages, they will usually convert to business. “how-it-works” video always prompts in the minds of the viewers for many products and services.


2. Q&A Video

Any video where someone is interviewing an expert regarding your product or services is what defined as Q&A Video. People tend to listen to their doubts voiced out by someone else. Or you can even take questions from your audience directly and answer them on-camera.  Those kinds of videos are interactive, fresh and universally appealing.


3. How-to or explainer videos

This variety walks your viewers through a process or answers a common doubt. They can build brand credibility in large number and can increase in the trust of your audience. Come up with a list of questions your buyers will usually have. Pick one questions that’s relatively straightforward and start shooting a video explaining about it. Such reliable videos not just explain about your product, also exposes your efforts towards exhibiting your product in a detailed manner.


4. Vlogs

While influencers use vlogging more than brands, you can definitely still take advantage of this genre. A typical vlog describes someone’s personal experience or thoughts on a specific topic. The influence it creates is huge in an unexplainable way, in all age categories. Depending on your product’s reach, the video can also fetch more heights and vice-versa.

5. Behind the scene video

The real action is behind the scene! If there is an exclusive insight into a process, project or situation you think your customers would be interested in, consider bringing out a behind the scene video. Incorporating raw footages with lots of mishap and fun behind the original video will turn up the core interest in watching the real video more often. They work for both B2C and B2B Brands.


4. Company culture/meet the team video

Not just brand, also your organization’s values, mission and team members will be of interest for your loyal and prospect customers. A video showcasing your work culture, team hierarchy and introduction of few team members can create much interest towards your performances. These videos help people understand why your company is different and strengthens their brand loyalty.


Creating captivating video content on a regular basis is one of the best marketing strategies. Creating a series of videos each week or month builds brand authority and keeps your customers waiting for your next release. Video can be one of the best medium since it’s the most personal of all content types. Your face, your body language, your voice, personality and much more can ensure the closeness towards your brand, which may result in conversion in a huge manner.

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