The 10 best tools for video marketing in 2018

Communicating matter nowadays and Video is the most effective way to do that. Digital marketing clearly indicates that visual media is emerging as a powerful marketing tool and many marketers agreed it. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the 10 best tools that are available in the market to enhance the video promotion.

1.    Facebook Creator app

Facebook is the effective social media taking visual content creation to the next level by offering more creative tools to users to help them enhance their content. To help their community, it announced an unleashing app where creators can get the resources they need to improve and grow.

Designed as a one-stop-shop for creating branded Facebook broadcasts, the Creator app offers analytics, a unified inbox and access to a suite of exclusive creative features that allows users to personalize their live streams with custom graphics and intros and outros.

In addition to the app itself, Facebook also launched a new online Creator community website to better connect users, offer training and best practices. The Facebook Creator App is free for IOS users.

2.    Flyr

Create stunning professional brand videos for your business promotion using the Flyr app. This platform which is self-described as a social video tool helps to create and upload your brand videos for Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Many remade templates and royalty free assets are available, that can be easily used for your videos. Flyr allows you to add live links, copyright-free music, animated graphics and text. Flyr is free for IOS with an upgrade option of $9.99/month available.

3.     IntoLive app

IntoLive app is used in the interactive Facebook posts allows you to create a “press-and-hold” image that reveals a hidden video that plays only if the viewer continues to engage with the image by pressing and holding it down. If the viewer releases his or her finger, the video will disappear and revert back to the original static image.

This kind of feature works on the mobile Facebook feed and not on the desktop version.This kind of engaging post is important because Facebook collects data on how users interact with posts, and that includes time spent looking at a post and even pressing and holding! IntoLive is available free for iOS only and offers a onetime $2.99 upgrade charge

4.    Wave Video

An easy-to-use online platform that offers drop-and-drag social video creation with instant resizing capabilities, Wave video offers 2.5 million stock photos, videos and soundtracks, and the option to upload your own media files.

The technology allows users to preview changes instantly without waiting for rendering. Create stunning Facebook Cover videos, Facebook Canvas ads, Snapchat ads, Instagram Story ads or landing page videos with this tool! It is free for use and needed you can upgrade for $39/month.

5.    Adobe Spark Post

The Adobe Creative Cloud offers a variety of web and mobile apps designed to “transform your ideas into visual stories.”

Adobe offers a lot of creative apps that transform your ideas into visuals. Adobe Spark Post is one such app helps to create social graphics for your business. The tool easily layers still images with animated text, which gives the photo a cinematic motion. They will give an experience for customized access according to your wish (either you can change color & fonts or insert your own logo in the live photo posts).This app is also available for free in the market.

6.    Planoly

Want to create Insta-feed on instagram with variety of themes and very visual appealing, use this planoly tool. Planoly helps to “visually plan, manage and schedule” Instagram posts.

  • Planoly helps to edit, rearrange and draft your insta-feed
  • Helps you to schedule your posts by sending you an notifications
  • Has a calendar view to see past and scheduled posts
  • Helps to collaborate with your team members & manage multiple Instagram accounts
  • View metrics such as your likes and comment engagement
  • Can even search hashtags and accounts directly from the platform.

Planoly basically gives your photos a customized view, according to your branding need and circulate across different junction. This app is available for $9 a month for both web and mobile users.

7.    InShot app

Another wonderful app InShot which is used to edit or resize your videos in the required shape you want(either square, horizontal or vertical video post).By using this app you can change your background colors & image behind the main video. It is available for free to the users of IOS.

8.    CutStory app

Instagram is another social media which is on the heel nowadays. Currently, Instagram Stories only allows a maximum 15-second video to post as a Story and a max of 60 seconds for a feed post.

Cutstory app is used to split your videos into short clips and helps the content to make ready for uploading in the instagram.$0.99 in-app purchase to remove watermark for iOS only

9.    Lumen5

Sharing up the content in social matters nowadays. That too this Lumen5 helps to turn words into visuals by using its AI and definitely it is a cool factor. When you have a rich blog content and you want to them to change into videos definitely this tool is going to help you a lot.

Sign up for free in the App and if you need upgrade it later, simply copy and paste the URL of the blog post that you want to use, and Lumen5’s bots will crawl the post, select key content and associate that content with related visuals. You can even select which text and videos are used.

This would be very helpful to use it on social media and paste it on your website.

10.   Videoshop App

Another App which is helpful for editing purpose and the editing features may include slow motion, filters, transitions, stop motion, social sharing and more. The App was very lovely to use, tutorial videos are the best to create with this app. Upgrade it with $1.99 later.

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